Jan Jansson

Official site of Swedish photographer and artist Jan Helge Jansson.
Born in Stockholm 1933, died in 2001.

About Jan Jansson

Being close to nature was always a central theme for Jan Jansson, a Swedish artist and photographer. He was born in Stockholm March 3rd 1933.

In his youth he did surreal drawings, and his photography was deeply influenced by patients and the environment of the sanatorium where he was treated for tuberculosis in the 1940s and early 1950s.

These works were later followed by detailed photos of both animals, plants and landscapes.

In 1968 Jan and his family moved to Västerås, 100 kilometers west of Stockholm, where he became an active member of several different local artist associations. He was chairman of the Bild & Form association during a few years and also one the founders of the Artists Collective Workshop.

Jan initially found photography to be the best expression of his artistic goals. He worked closely with the two sculptors Lars Englund ad Arne Jones documenting their works in film and photography.

While in Västerås he focused mainly on serigraphy or silk-screen printing and cooperated with several local artists by translating their works into silk-screen images, among them Erik Idar, Osmo Isaksson, Håkan Thorsén and Bo Svärd.

His own works were often scenes from nature that held a very serene and peaceful character. All was done with his typical graphic sharpness. This can especially be seen in images done on aluminum plates in the 1970s.

Declining health forced Jan to put his work and artistic aspirations on the back burner. One of his last exhibitions centered on sculptures made from findings from the forest as well as rusty bits and pieces from his work-shop.

Music was a big part of Jan Janssons life, especially traditional jazz. When not working you most probably could find him playing. Over the years he played his contrabass in Storyville Creepers, Olles Trattband and the Jubilee Jazz Band.